2023-04-01: just when you lose your self in study along comes a spider slowly crawling across your plush carpet …

2023-03-31: been in the salt mines playing with code, with prose, and with AI

2023-02-27: vibe shift incoming. you know it’s coming.

2022-10-21: And working more on my iPhone makes me feel the same way about smartphones: go big (screen) and take …

2022-10-21: Above 10” I want a Surface, not an iPad. It took 10 years to reach that conclusion (because of …

2022-10-21: Is this reason #2 that Android went big with screens earlier? Bigger screens helps users forgive …

2022-10-21: And I love interacting with the touchscreens on iOS devices. It’s a game: pinch to zoom in and out, …

2022-10-21: Maybe it’s my use of cell phones pre-smartphone in living memory, with their super simple and super …

2022-10-21: I’ve always chafed using iPads because the lack of advanced features. (You know, the old story about …

2022-10-21: The snappiness of iOS shines in a small form factor, and its limitations shrink down as the display …

2022-10-21: iOS works best on small screens.

2022-10-16: I just want an Ovation parlor guitar. Is that too much to ask?

2022-09-23: m.youtube.com/watch Wonder what I look like? This.

2022-09-23: Must pray more 🙏 plus more wine. 🍷

2022-08-25: they already think your a nerd because you’re glasses 👈🤣🥸

2022-08-08: Creepy: people who disappeared from the internet in early 2020.

2022-08-05: despite my crypto and NFT trappings, my taste is rather baroque, maybe barococo

2022-08-05: I thought the crypto spam would go away when price got low enough, but bear or not the spam comes. …

2022-08-04: McDonald’s burger and Cabernet Sauvignon: I’m a classy American.

2022-08-02: I regret laptopmaxxing.

2022-08-02: Laptops take a lot of space.

2022-08-01: dumped rest of spins trying to recoup

2022-08-01: gonna kys myself because accidentally rolled primo rewards away on large transaction on fold

2022-07-30: Why don’t you stick display input into your all-in-one computers? 😭 Big feature request that is …

2022-06-25: Make your audience exclaim, Cringing is such sweet sorrow

2022-06-25: The trick is to elegantize cringe. This is how the poets do it.

2022-06-25: You either die cool or live long enough to become cringe.

2022-06-18: No huckstering here, believe me! Literally preaching to you what yours truly practices 🫡

2022-06-18: Welcome to prime Bitcoin buy zone. You know a great way to passively buy $BTC? Fold’s (@fold_app) …

2022-06-15: bitcoin staxi

2022-06-12: 🫡

2022-06-11: Is that even a thing, pursing “too many” disparate interests simultaneously?

2022-06-11: Where is the line where you draw yourself too thin, where your skills acquisition goes in too many …

2022-06-09: First time hitting a sleep goal since I can remember when

2022-05-31: 111

2022-05-31: Why do I see those so frequently?

2022-05-31: IRL literature: a super car parked in a handicap space.

2022-05-30: I love it when accounts tree shake. Tree shake: bombarding your followers with content that will …

2022-05-30: skill 69 😏

2022-05-26: 🫡

2022-05-26: can you conceive of a more metal thing than a giant bug zapper in the swamp?

2022-05-25: fade at your own risk

2022-05-25: 🫠

2022-05-25: You gotta get yourself a road trip car

2022-05-23: road trip inspired another cover. You’ll hear it soon (soon being a long while)

2022-05-18: on a dark Florida highway / mosquitos in my hair

2022-05-18: BORN TO LOSE WORLD IS A SCAM Rug Em All 1989 I am poor man 410,757,864,530 DEAD COINS

2022-05-18: year fear

2022-05-18: I once had a quality mutual. She stopped posting as much as usual. I check her profile, she def …

2022-05-18: An apology for all 2 of you that read my posts: art and poetry posting dried up as of late because …

2022-05-18: write the punchline 📝: what do you call a (crypto) farmer that doesn’t tend their farms?

2022-05-18: great to be at that STX/Clarity Miami-Dade College coding boot camp rn wish I was there

2022-05-17: I’m going to blow through this programming degree and come out the other end like, “I guess it’s …

2022-05-16: took my time updating the old ball and chain (iPhone) 🫠

2022-05-16: 🍍🫠

2022-05-15: I am palpably excited about crypto and web 3 every day… am I okay?

2022-05-15: The strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.

2022-05-15: soothing pineapple 🍍

2022-05-15: Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.

2022-05-14: Will you live to trade another day?

2022-05-14: As an ad-adverse individual, one of the sweetest fruits of the crypto tree is the instant …

2022-05-14: the ads are gone 🥂

2022-05-11: wtf i love crypto winter

2022-05-11: imo we were gearing up for a bull trap—THE bull trap—before Lunatics UST-boned us

2022-05-11: in stables, unstable

2022-05-10: still alive funds are safu

2022-05-09: knife catching, hands getting cut up

2022-05-07: Slurp

2022-05-07: Slurpy Saturday #STX fam

2022-05-07: even better if it’s DOOM proper p2e

2022-05-07: wen p2e DOOM clone?

2022-05-06: wow STX discount

2022-05-05: It’s a time for healing, friends

2022-05-04: Back to an #Artie pfp

2022-05-01: Becoming a MIAllionaire cheap rn #CityCoins

2022-05-01: Giving it all back to the market? Slurpy Sunday

2022-04-15: Keep it simple.

2022-04-05: Did a little scrolling through the Twitter timeline. Dystopian, ad-ridden. Retreated to a more …

2022-04-04: Life’s rough for a five-legged spider. What troubles has it seen?

2022-03-17: 📝 A tragicomedy 🎭 in three words: my net worth

2022-03-17: wen alt szn

2022-03-15: BTC turbocrabbing again 🚀🦀 #XBT www.youtube.com/watch

2022-03-12: I unleashed my caffeine use. ☕️ On a scale from no-caffeiner to Alexandre Dumas… becoming Dumasesque

2022-03-02: Got rich quick, got poor quicker

2022-03-01: What lies on the other side of sanity?

2022-03-01: Time to buy another suit. (No tie.)

2022-02-21: 🤡

2022-02-19: be fruitful 🍍

2022-02-09: less brain, less problems

2022-02-07: Tried so hard and got so far / But in the end, it doesn’t even matter 🎵

2022-02-06: Coding and Beethoven seem to hit just right. 📝🎵

2022-02-03: Man was built for leisure. #EdenVibes

2022-02-03: Why make millions when you can lose thousands?

2022-02-02: Bread is so blessed.

2022-02-02: Who is Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Studio for? Somebody like me.

2022-02-01: Have you heard from people that once they experience high refresh rate screens that they cannot go …

2022-01-28: froggy friday #FF

2022-01-25: Daily we walk by the gold plated garbage heap. Daily it expands. #haiku 📝

2022-01-24: feeling froggy toaday 🐸

2022-01-24: 💵🍍

2022-01-23: This book uses the example name SAM SNEAD

2022-01-22: Just found a late 90s/early 00s use of the slang term “sweaty” in popular media. 👀

2022-01-20: Overoverdue is still an understatement when you wait so long. #haiku 📝

2022-01-19: Like musician brain (🎵🧠), developer brain (💻🧠) seems innate because both deal with how you think

2022-01-18: Unattributed quote 💬 found laying around: Good Life is a ship of Simplicity sailing on a sea of …

2022-01-17: 0xFF

2022-01-17: Not taking a total Twitter break for #Exodus90, but what lies ahead is tantamount to one.

2022-01-16: Just found out about the Mick Gordon-Bethesda falling out over DOOM Eternal OST, and need to know …

2022-01-16: Trade inside a demo account (no real money) for a month to build your systems and see if you can …

2022-01-15: We’ll see how it goes. Will I succeed or go broke? Stay tuned to find out. #haiku 📝

2022-01-15: Prepping a new part time job: day trading

2022-01-10: Life is a grind until it’s a game

2022-01-10: Want to know how you know it’s slurp season? You won’t even want to buy

2022-01-10: Just sitting and waiting for slurp season

2022-01-10: changed my pfp and definitely not feeling it. On the hunt for a new one 🎨

2022-01-09: wen fns

2022-01-09: Behold, a coconut 🥥 🎨

2022-01-09: On my NFT 🎨 buying shit again

2022-01-01: Happy new year frens and frenlies. May 2022 bless us and our portfolios.

2021-12-31: Good handle frensferdinand

2021-12-31: 📝 I am NFTd Forever on the blockchain a token cruel fate

2021-12-31: I’m like a house cat now, since children, since wfh, since crypto 12hl. Too domesticated. Too fat. …

2021-12-27: The senses are the gateway to the soul.

2021-12-27: All gardeners are trying to recreate the garden of Eden.

2021-12-27: 🎵 and you could have it all my poorfolio of dirt 🎵

2021-12-22: A proper pauper still a pauper be

2021-12-22: 🍍🔥

2021-12-22: Introducing more shit content: pineapple emoji next to another emoji

2021-12-22: ah, the poor taste of the so-called refined man seems to best fit inside a trash can.

2021-12-22: Sometimes, like Hamlet, one acts only to revisit the action and aftermath, “what I have done…”

2021-12-22: “Since pineapple was so perishable, it became a symbol of luxury, nobility, and wealth throughout …

2021-12-22: “Some Indigenous tribes in Mexico used pineapples in ceremonies praising the God, Vitzliputzli, a …

2021-12-22: “ancient peoples … recognized the pineapple as a fruit symbolizing friendship and hospitality. …

2021-12-22: “the Spanish … eventually gave the fruit the name “pineapple” due to their appearance, as they …

2021-12-22: More pineapple symbolism research, courtesy of The Spruce Eats

2021-12-21: I want more NFTs on $ETH for social proof purposes…

2021-12-21: The evening golden hour is my favorite.

2021-12-21: staring at the charts destined to destitution I should get a job

2021-12-21: 🍍 “#Pineapples symbolize luxury, welcomeness, infertility, virility (paradoxically), beauty, …

2021-12-21: Moon captured my attention, looking straight up, headphones on, music playing. Entranced. 🌕

2021-12-21: Amazing what a few shelves can do to a room.

2021-10-03: Golden ages are just blowoff tops.

2021-09-28: I miss supersize meals from @McDonalds

2020-12-09: Days are cloudy ⛅️ even when the sun shines ☀️ when I stay inside.

2020-12-02: Because of /pg-logo-129x80.png I’m watching the /gutenbergsite GitHub and getting on some mailing …

2020-12-02: I love @gutenberg_org and appreciate the new website, but this logo… 👀

2020-12-02: Ah, another day WFH ☕️ Comfy

2020-12-02: Spending so much time at home draws my attention to the extremes: big ideas and little joys. Maybe …

2020-11-25: #Crypto Stoic: They say only bet what you can afford to lose. I can afford to lose everything.

2020-11-22: I don’t have solutions to sell you: Only a road to point to. You must make the journey on your own, …

2020-11-21: Rex reccs old movie 🎥 🍿 : Bringing up Baby. Box office failure in its day, but it’s laughworthy.

2020-11-20: 🖼 TIL: Rodin’s The Thinker is a depiction of Dante Alighieri contemplating Inferno.

2020-11-20: Humanity is just one big bull run with dips along the way. We’re making it.

2020-11-19: The amount of time I spend staring at screens shocks me. Yet I’m still staring.

2020-11-19: Rugpuller Sharpshooter Pink wojaks Caused by your Maneuver (📝 Note: DYOR #crypto)

2020-11-19: Improving my content with poetry Is but tiptoeing toward a beauty So fine: tweet by tweet I type out …

2020-11-19: 20 buckaroos I pity the foo

2020-11-18: Of all sad things of tongue and pen The saddest are these: #Bitcoin Maxis were right again 😂📝

2020-11-17: Marcus used to have the best online savings account rate. Ditched them for @BlockFi.

2020-11-15: Knee deep in shitcoins

2020-11-14: “Trust me!” cried the bard. We laughed and laughed—hard. 📝

2020-11-14: my peepee go up when Big Line go up all thanks to this bind: my self to Big Line 📝

2020-11-14: I’m more excited Christmas comes this year the more I ponder the holiday cheer. 🎄

2020-11-13: Let’s toast cuz Friday’s here to usher in the weekend. Lift yer cups and get sippin’! ☕️

2020-11-12: New flares dance in our neverending flame, And yet, the world remains mostly the same.

2020-11-12: Have you heard about Mrs. Mercy’s fall? She left her husband and goes by Miss Small.

2020-11-12: We must cultivate our garden.

2020-11-12: A little learning is a dangerous thing. Alexander Pope

2020-11-09: Caravaggio: murderous master painter. Don’t see enough of that these days.

2020-11-09: King Louis XIV designed the high heels he wore because he was short! The Sun King is an inspiration …

2020-10-17: Do you want a Halloween costume? You’ll be amazed at what 20 minutes and 20 dollars can get you at a …

2020-10-07: God is beautiful and He loves beauty.

2020-10-07: This is a clever way to get crypto if you actually shop: https://www.roundlyx.com/how/. Interesting …

2020-10-07: Anybody know an artist’s rendition of Cicero’s severed hands and head displayed in the ancient Roman …

2020-10-06: The humble cheeseburger is a culinary marvel.

2020-10-06: Reading this lovely interview ca. 2018 with @nntaleb and @tylercowen: read here

2020-10-06: The image of Cicero’s head and hands displayed in the Roman Forum is so metal.

2020-10-06: TIL “Consumption drives nearly 70% of the economy…” (according to David Kelly, from JPMorgan …

2020-10-06: One tactic for keeping up on dates: the monthiversary. Go on a date every month, corresponding to …

2020-10-05: Anybody else intent on wrapping up Christmas shopping right now?

2020-10-01: A big thank you to the weather for being beautiful the past two days, and to the unforgettable sky.

2020-09-19: I got two Fridays back-to-back. 2020 is quite the spicy year. 🍷

2020-09-17: Feels like a Friday. Leaning into this feeling. Maybe I get two Fridays back to back. 🍷

2020-09-17: Taste & Beauty Guns are powerful. But, ideas trump guns and beauty trumps ideas. Beauty is a …

2020-09-17: Just installed iOS like the rest of the non-beta plebs (because beta nonsense takes time). Loving a …

2020-09-17: Skipped the morning coffee ☕️ today (because forgot to prep the cold brew yesterday), and it felt …

2020-09-17: Do you have any idea how many brain cycles I’ve used to slowly, painfully iterate on my computing …

2020-09-17: I helped kickstart micro.blog, and made an account back when it launched. However, I didn’t grok …


2020-09-15: Today in lindy: vinyl sales overtook CD sales (in revenue).

2020-09-15: The iPad is a pleasure to use, and nobody comes close. Android is a good enough alternative to …

2020-09-13: Still suffering from the #SurfaceDuo mind parasite. Wargaming replacing my iPhone with it. Would …

2020-09-12: I’m enamored by @microsoft’s Surface Duo. It seems so much comfier in the hand than your average …